Just get married already. HAHHAHA

Da Hae unnir getting jelly of all the female roommates. Ahihihihi :>

Jaehyo of Block B hugging Winner :)

Hi Leader! :)



please stop biting your lip? it’s tooooo sexxy O_____O

The very first day I met you, I saw countless stars in your eyes

I didn’t dress well that day, why did I have to meet you on that day?

Miss you I really miss you

I’ll sing for you so you won’t be bored

Turn the radio on~

Even KangIn oppa sees something in you. hahahahha

Mr. Show-off <3

"Stars are people too" - Yoon Seol Chan

Oooooohh. They knowwwww. lol

poor president. hahahahha

gotcha ;)

that’s exactly how i feel most of the time. heol. OTL