Girls Girls Girls.. /sigh

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Ooooh. Nasty!

finally!! tension overcome!! lol

little girl is speaking up now :)

words of wisdom. whew


Having Jackson Wang in your life is not healthy.

Why I like GOT7? Because they’re great singers ㅋㅋㅋ




remember-thetime: Since jackson is gonna be on roommate , who do you think he's gonna form a loveline with or which is he most compatible with ? You have to choose ^.^ youngji ? Nana ? Sunny ?

Tough question. LOL. But if i really had to choose one, I think it’d be Sunny. I think their personalities might click somehow. 

MBC Hello Stranger

Haven’t found any eng sub yet. If anyone can provide me links with Eng sub, I’ll be forever grateful to you. I love you guys <3

I wouldn’t miss Season 2 for the world <3

He beat BamBam and JR in aegyo!!! 

Lady Jane was lucky that day. /sigh

Roommate 2 Preview!! Can’t wait :))))) 
JACKSOOOOON is on a roll these days 

you guys okay? hahahah